Get Involved


There are three ways to donate to the Hope Clinic. We appreciate all donations, whether they are monetary, in-kind, or time spent volunteering at our facility. All donations received will be applied to providing patients with high-quality medical care.


The Hope Clinic is a 501(c) (3) public charity, and all contributions are 100 percent tax deductible.

  • The Hope Clinic's Federal Tax Identification Number (FEIN) is: 45-0478716
  • Georgia Charitable Organization Registration Number is: CH-07871

Monetary Donation

Individual donors, grant funding and other monetary contributions deliver the financial stability the Hope Clinic needs to fulfill its mission to provide affordable medical care to the uninsured and indigent in the community. Hope Clinic is supported 40% through patient payments and 60% through donations.

Thanks to you, our caregivers have touched the lives of thousands – whether they faced an urgent need, a devastating disease or sought to improve their quality of life.


In-Kind Donations

One very helpful "in-kind" donation to the Hope Clinic is securities.  Our long term goal is to establish an investment fund for $10 million dollars which will provide long term financial stability to the clinic and allow us to provide employed physicians to care for patients just as they would be cared for if they could afford a regular primary care home. 

Tangible items that are always needed at Hope Clinic are:

paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, hand soap, ball point pens, paper clips and copy paper.

Disinfectant spray cleaners and Lysol air spray are also needed.

View our current needs to get started:VIEW OUR CURRENT NEEDS

We invite you to include the Hope Clinic in your life as a volunteer.  Most of our volunteers have served on a weekly basis for many years.  They quickly become part of the team.  Each volunteer who makes a commitment to volunteer at the Hope Clinic, also requires that the Hope Clinic donate time and resources to making your volunteer service useful and meaningful to both you and our patients.  Please consider this as you think about how much time you can give and how often you can give of your time.  In many cases Hope Clinic will have to dedicate personnel to acclimate and train you so it is important for both of us to know how serious you are about volunteering.

Medical Professionals

Doctors, nurses and other medical caregivers are most welcome at the Hope Clinic.  Medical professionals who volunteer at the Hope Clinic are required to submit all of the documentation that would be required for a regular job in their field. These would include, but not be limited to, licenses, curriculum vitae, job history with references and personal character references.  Because our patients are very vulnerable and often have few or no other options for medical care, it is incumbent upon us to know that any nurse or doctor who treats them meets our standards.

Non-Medical Volunteers

Hope Clinic needs as many (sometimes more) volunteers in the business and fundraising department as  we do in the clinic.  We have major fundraising mailings several times a year; we have bookkeeping, accounting and secretarial duties every day; and, with the advent of our new computer systems for healthcare and fundraising we have data that must be entered and verified.  Any volunteer work on the business side will require that you have job references that can verify your skill sets, as well as personal and business references concerning your character.