The Clinic

A Safe Haven for Uninsured Adults

Since 2002, the Hope Clinic has provided quality, comprehensive medical services in Gwinnett County, regardless of a patient's income or insurance status. Patients are not turned away because of their inability to pay, but are expected to partner with the Hope Clinic to help cover costs for the care provided.

This welcoming philosophy offers patients a sliding scale for payment based on their household income. The difference between what the patient is requested to pay and the actual cost to the clinic for providing the care is referred to as the Compassion Gap. Depending on services rendered, the Compassion Gap may range from $20 to $500 or more per patient. Individual donors, grant funding and other monetary contributions deliver the financial stability to continue this fee arrangement for the benefit of the Hope Clinic's patients.

There are over 200,000 uninsured people in Gwinnett County, Georgia
Lacking other options, most uninsured will go to the ER for medical care. It’s the most expensive treatment option and patients don’t receive follow up care.
The Hope Clinic has donated over $8,500,000 in medical care since 2002, meeting the primary care needs of the underinsured and uninsured in Gwinnett County and Metro Atlanta.

Treating Complex & Chronic Disease

The Chronic Care Programs main objective is to treat patients who suffer from multiple chronic diagnosis, with a main focus on Hyperlipidemia , Diabetes and Heart Disease. These diseases are very costly for the community if left untreated because they result in catastrophic end stage conditions such as heart attack, renal failure and liver failure. The goal for our patients is to stabilize their care by providing a “medical home” and to avoid unnecessary emergency room visits. This program is provided and available for all Hope Clinic patients who are seen for chronic illness.

The Clinic offers through its Chronic Care program a more preventative management approach to treating Chronic illness- regularly scheduled office visits, RN Educator services on specific disease management and exercise and preventative nutritional education, group education meetings, require regular lab work to monitor specific diseases, and when nessecary offer screenings for at risk patients to prevent further complications of their specific dieseases.

Statisically research shows that patients who suffer from chronic ongoing illnesses suffer from Depression and other mental health disorders. The clinic realized the need for our patients and formed a partnership with Salveo Foundation who provides mental health services to Hope Clinic patients.


Individual donors, grant funding and other monetary contributions deliver the financial stability to continue this Compassion Gap arrangement for the benefit of the Hope Clinic's patients.

Working with Other Shelters and Non-Profits

Hope Clinic has partnered with over 30 organizations in the Atlanta area to provide medical care to participants in their programs.  These organizations are diverse and each deals with various aspects of providing homes, jobs, education and health to the less fortunate.  While each patient faces different challenges, all will benefit from making Hope Clinic their medical home.

Salveo Integrative Health
Rainbow Village
Partnership Against Domestic Violence
Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministries
MARR Addiction Treatment Center
Freedom Path Counseling