Upholding the Highest Standards of Care

The Story of Hope

The Hope Clinic is a Christian non-profit, internal medicine clinic. We provide the highest standard in medical care to the uninsured, underinsured and indigent in Gwinnett County, a suburban area of Metro Atlanta.

The Hope Clinic was founded in 2002 by Dr. William Martin to provide an affordable alternative to the hospital emergency room for the primary care medical needs of the uninsured. The clinic is a vital part of Gwinnett's healthcare safety net and supplies over half of the available charitable primary care capacity in the county. Dr. Martin and the team of providers at the Hope Clinic specialize in internal medicine and chronic care diagnosis.

Due to the need for frequent follow-up visits and maintenance care, chronic care is typically the most expensive in the healthcare industry. The uninsured and underinsured who suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome often fall through the cracks of the medical system, aren't diagnosed or properly treated for their conditions, or frequent the emergency room for medical care. Over 50 percent of uninsured adults are more than twice as likely to delay or forgo needed care compared to the insured because they are worried about high medical bills.

The Hope Clinic offers a compassionate and innovative fee structure – extending reduced fees to the uninsured on a sliding scale based on a patient's household income instead of the actual cost of providing care. We call the difference between these fees and the actual cost of care the Compassion Gap. We strive to be seen not just as medical facility, but as a home for all of our patients. Instead of relying solely on the services of volunteers, the Hope Clinic employs full-time physicians and professional staff to provide continuity of care for our patients. We like to build lasting, lifelong relationships with our patients that extend beyond their time of care.

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