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The mission of the Hope Clinic is to provide the very highest quality of medical care to those with limited or no access to healthcare, and to treat each patient with the utmost respect and kindness without regard to language, national origin, religion or ability to pay.

Our Story

The Hope Clinic is a Christian non-profit, internal medicine clinic. We provide the highest standard in medical care to the uninsured, underinsured and indigent in Gwinnett County, a suburban area of Metro Atlanta.

The Hope Clinic was founded in 2002 by Dr. William Martin to provide an affordable alternative to the hospital emergency room for the primary care medical needs of the uninsured. The clinic is a vital part of Gwinnett's healthcare safety net and supplies over half of the available charitable primary care capacity in the county. Dr. Martin and the team of providers at the Hope Clinic specialize in internal medicine and chronic care diagnosis.

Due to the need for frequent follow-up visits and maintenance care, chronic care is typically the most expensive in the healthcare industry. The uninsured and underinsured who suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome often fall through the cracks of the medical system, aren't diagnosed or properly treated for their conditions, or frequent the emergency room for medical care. Over 50 percent of uninsured adults are more than twice as likely to delay or foergo needed care compared to the insured because they are worried about high medical bills.

The Hope Clinic offers a compassionate and innovative fee structure – extending reduced fees to the uninsured on a sliding scale based on a patient's household income instead of the actual cost of providing care. We call the difference between these fees and the actual cost of care the Compass Gap. We strive to be seen not just as medical facility, but as a home for all of our patients. Instead of relying solely on the services of volunteers, the Hope Clinic employs full-time physicians and professional staff to provide continuity of care for our patients. We like to build lasting, lifelong relationships with our patients that extend beyond their time of care.

Hope Clinic Overview 



The Hope Clinic was founded in 2002 by Dr. William B. Martin in Lawrenceville GA when he realized the need for medical care for the chronically ill uninsured of our community.

October 2009

In 2009 the Hope Clinic was awarded enough grant money to purchase the building at 121 Langley Drive. Construction to remodel the building to meet the needs began. The Building was build out large enough to grow into the community’s needs, with 12 exam rooms.

November 2010

The Hope Clinic opens the new facility to the public and starts seeing patients. 


Dr. Daniel Greenberg was hired to expand patient care to more uninsured.


The Hope Clinic’s Chronic Care Program was started, using the second floor for Chronic Care and mental health services. What started as a nonprofit which provided acute medical services for the uninsured has evolved into a place for uninsured with ongoing chronic diseases to call a medical home. For example chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and pulmonary disease can be proactively managed once a patient is stable with their disease. Over the years the Hope Clinic has become a main referral point for local hospitals to refer patients to manage their care.

Present Day

The Hope Clinic currently has around 4,500 patients in the Chronic Care Management program with 3 providers currently seeing patients.  79% of Hope Clinic patients fall between the ages of 20-64 and are unable to afford healthcare coverage. 78% of Hope Clinic patients live at or below the poverty line. The clinic provided over 9,000 appointments in 2017. 

Our Team

Dr. William B Martin - Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Martin has been practicing internal medicine and has been a staff physician with the Gwinnett Hospital System in Gwinnett County for over 40 years. Dr. Martin specializes in identifying and managing the related conditions of high cholesterol, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. He is Board Certified in Clinical Lipidology and was one of six Georgia physicians to achieve "Provider Recognition" status with the American Diabetes Association in 2000. Dr. Martin is a graduate of the Medical College of South Carolina, now the Medical University of South Carolina and was a flight surgeon in Vietnam. He completed his residency and internship in the Emory-VA-Grady Health System.   He was in private practice in Gwinnett for 29 years prior to founding the Hope Clinic in 2002. 

Dr. Falahat Farooqui - Physician

Dr. Farooqui is the Hope Clinic’s newest provider. Dr. Farooqui completed his medical degree from Dow Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan.  His medical career began with research in basic and clinical cardiology at the Medical College of Georgia and Emory University. During his time at MCG and Emory University, Dr. Farooqui contributed to a number of publications and book chapters in development and clinical cardiology. He then completed his Internal Medicine residency at Mount Sinai West and St. Luke’s Hospital Center at Icahn School of Medicine in New York. Dr. Farooqui soon went on to complete a Geriatrics fellowship at the McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas. Dr. Farooqui’s main medical interest and expertise includes an emphasis on the Geriatric patient population, their healthy living, long-term care, and independency.Dr. Farooqui is a member of the American Medical Association, American Geriatric Society, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, Pakistan Medical Association and the Patient Welfare Association in Karachi, Pakistan.  He is fluent in English, Urdu and Hindi. Dr. Farooqui's spends his leisure time with his family as well as going to automobile shows, planting in his garden, music, watching movies and enjoying the serene outdoors.

Pam Martin - Executive Director

Pam Martin joined Hope Clinic, Inc. as Executive Director in January, 2007. Prior to that, she co-founded AOM Inc., a primary care payment company and served as the CEO. Her background includes both medical practice management as well as accounting and insurance agency management. Pam is a graduate of Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York and is the wife of Hope Clinic’s founder, Dr. William B. Martin.

Jennie Mathen - NP-C

Jennie Mathen is the Hope Clinic’s Certified Nurse Practitioner. Jennie began her career as a cardiac nurse at GMC-Lawrenceville where she learned the value of showing compassion, listening, and working with patients. After four years, Jennie felt called to take a bigger role in the direct care of patients and enrolled in Mercer’s Family Nurse Practitioner Program. While completing her degree, Jennie performed her rotations at the Hope clinic and soon took the step to continue working for Hope Clinic after obtaining her degree. Jennie and her family are active members of Victory Hamilton Mill Church. 

Erica Sperduto - FNP-C

Erica Sperduto is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and a vital member of the Hope Clinics team. As an ICU nurse in Houston, Texas, she cared for many patients that were unable to control their chronic illnesses due to minimal resources and inadequate preventative care. She decided to become a nurse practitioner to work with people to help them avoid hospital stays and maintain a healthy life. She is passionate about education and working towards big goals in small steps. After Erica graduated from Georgetown University, she worked in a large family medicine clinic in Conyers but felt called to treat those who were uninsured and underinsured. When she learned of the Hope Clinic, she knew this was where she needed to be. Erica and her husband, Paul live in Atlanta, Georgia. They have one daughter, Samantha, who resides in heaven.

  • Jessica Geller - Chief Development Officer
  • Veronica Lowe - Chief Compliance Officer and Billing Manager
  • Ashley - Front Office Administrator
  • Adrian - Front Office and Billing Representative
  • Mary, LPN - Nurse, Chronic and Acute Care
  • Sue, LPN - Nurse, Chronic and Acute Care
  • Rosanna, MA - Medical Assistant
  • Angelina, MA - Medical Assistant
  • Dulce, MA - Medical Assistant
  • Jennifer - Lab Tech
  • Ansley - Marketing & Development Assistant
  • Helen - Bookkeeping


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For more information on how to join our team please contact Jessica Geller at jessicageller@hopeclinicgwinnett.info with your resume or call 404-399-7735.

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