The mission of the Hope Clinic is to provide the very highest quality of medical care to those with limited or no access to healthcare, and to treat each patient with the utmost respect and kindness without regard to race, language, national origin, religion or ability to pay.

The Hope clinic is a 501©3 Christian nonprofit, that specializes in internal medicine and primary care. The Hope Clinic strives to provide the highest standard in medical care to patients who are uninsured, underinsured, or indigent. As an internal medicine clinic, The Hope Clinic concentrates on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of many chronic illnesses. Since 2002, the Hope Clinic has provided quality, comprehensive medical services in Gwinnett County, regardless of a patient's income or insurance status. Patients are not turned away because of their inability to pay but are expected to partner with the Hope Clinic to help cover costs of care provided.

Our Story

During his time working in private practice, Dr. Martin noticed the pressing need in the community and the increasing number of uninsured patients. He understood that the uninsured and underinsured who suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome often fell through the cracks of the medical system, were not being diagnosed or properly treated for their conditions or frequent the emergency room for medical care.

Since 2002, when Dr. Martin founded the Hope Clinic, he and his team of professionals have work continuously to provide affordable quality care to the uninsured, underinsured and indigent of Gwinnet County. The Hope Clinic, a Christian nonprofit, specializes in internal medicine and primary care. The clinic is a vital part of Gwinnett's healthcare safety net and supplies a major portion of the available charitable primary care capacity in the county. This allows the Hope Clinic to become an alternative to the hospital emergency rooms being used for primary healthcare.

Today, over 50 percent of uninsured adults are more than twice as likely to delay or forego needed care compared to the insured because they are worried about high medical bills. The Hope Clinic offers a compassionate and innovative fee structure – extending reduced fees to the uninsured on a sliding scale based on a patient's household income instead of the actual cost of providing care. The clinic strives to be seen not just as medical facility, but as a medical home for all patients. The Hope Clinic employs full-time physicians and professional staff to provide quality continuity of care to its patients. The number of patients has grown tremendously in the past 19 years, to where the clinic now has 5 providers to continue to support the future growth of the clinic.