The Hope Clinic's Group of diverse Board of Directors is comprised of a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets. Each Board member brings their own experience and innovation to continuously build the clinic. 

  • Bob Baroni
    Bob Baroni
  • Brian Thompson
    Brian Thompson
  • Sandra Strickland
    Sandra Strickland
  • Asher Emmanuel
    Asher Emmanuel
  • Becky Pope
    Becky Pope
  • Dana Stephens-Craig, M.A., Ed.D
    Dana Stephens-Craig, M.A., Ed.D
  • Jessica Geller
    Jessica Geller
  • Dr. William Martin
    Dr. William Martin
  • Paul Tuggle
    Paul Tuggle
  • Todd Eaker
    Todd Eaker
  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell
  • Ron Cherry
    Ron Cherry

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