Chronic disease management involves managing the symptoms of a long term disease, allowing patients to enjoy life. The Hope Clinic specializes in the treatment and management of patients with multiple chronic conditions. These diseases can be diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, lung disease, lipid disease, as well as others.

The Chronic Care Program's main objective is to treat patients who suffer from multiple chronic diagnosis, with a main focus on Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes, and Heart Disease. These diseases are very costly for the community if left untreated because they result in catastrophic end stage conditions such as heart attack, renal failure, and liver failure. The goal for our patients is to stabilize their care by providing a “medical home” and to avoid unnecessary emergency room visits. This program is available to all Hope Clinic patients who are seen for chronic illness.

Through the chronic care program, patients are provided with tools to batter mange their chronic illness. These visits are regularly scheduled with a registered nurse who educates on specific disease management and exercise and preventative nutritional education, group education meetings, require regular lab work to monitor specific diseases, and when necessary offer screenings for at risk patients to prevent further complications of their specific diseases.