On-site x-rays and lab drawing services provided at a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

In order to make the most of a chronic care patient's initial visit to the Hope Clinic and to avoid subsequent visits where a patient will incur additional costs, a panel of lab tests, known as the Hope Panel, is performed on a new patient prior to their first appointment. The Hope Panel is a blood test that is comprehensive includes complete blood cell counts, kidney, liver, thyroid function, as well as cardiac biomarkers. The Hope Panel is $75 for uninsured patients. Outside of the Hope Panel, other laboratory tests including blood work and urinalysis are provided at a price to the patient that is 60 percent less than traditional laboratory tests.


A licensed practitioner will interpret and review with patients the final results of all lab work done at our facility. To obtain the lab results, patients must make a follow-up appointment with one of the Hope Clinic providers.